Sheet extrusion systems, Barrier Co-Extrusion Sheet System
Model 6000 complex Co-Extrusion Sheet System featuring a REVOLUTION® Model J7018303030 Sheet Take-off System with a telescoping conveyor.

Barrier - Containers

PTi offers complex co-extrusion sheet systems for producing PS, PP and PS/PE structures based on symmetric and asymmetric barrier sheet materials. For direct extrusion applications, both single and multi-component blends of EVOH resins are used as the barrier performance layer(s).

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Roll Stand five roll sheet take-off system, Extrusion system, machines, sheet extrusion

Unique five roll sheet take-off arrangement features a telescoping carriage that permits rearward side operator access for cleaning rolls even during production runs.

Layer Co-Extrusion System, Equipment, Machine

Seven Layer Co-Extrusion System showing triple manifold die with unique gantry support and two extruders mounted on mezzanine for space saving.






PS, PP and PS/PE
Barrier Structures


0.020 - 0.090"
(0.50 - 2.30 mm) 


64" (1,625 mm) 


4000+ lbs/hr
(1800+ kg/hr)


Fully integrated TITAN® Plus Control System

AUTORAMP™ line control and coordination

Spare chrome roll temperature control circuit

Auxiliary screens for both VIDEOGAP™ and gauge profile viewing

And more!