HVTSE® Advantages

  • Up to 35% energy savings compared to conventional processes
  • Processes up to 100% of PET and PLA flake at moisture levels up to 12000 ppm
  • Patented high vacuum-long L/D twin screw extrusion technology with the highest installed
    base of "Dryer-less" systems world-wide
  • Robust co-rotating twin screws provide low shear processing minimizing thermal and
    hydrolytic degradation
  • Able to run multiple resins on the same feed screw arrangement (i.e.; PET, PLA, PP, PS and HDPE)
  • Easy to maintain high vacuum system insures optimum process performance
  • IV monitoring system provides real time feed back
  • FDA letter of non-objection issued to Bandera on March 24, 2009

HVTSE Technology
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HVTSE Energy Savings
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HVTSE Feeding System
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HVTSE Vacuum Pump System
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HVTSE Polymer Filtration
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HVTSE IV Monitoring
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