Sheet Co Extrusion System used to produce custom sheet

Trident® Model 6000/3500 Co-Extrusion Sheet System used to produce custom sheet. Down Stream Devices include a high speed Sheeter and winder unit.

Sheet Systems

The world of extrusion continues to evolve year to year. Developments in resin, tooling, equipment, controls, processing methods and end-uses define this evolution. While these changes play an integral role in keeping markets on the move, they also keep plastics processors constantly challenged. PTi addresses this evolution and other important issues facing producers with our Forward Design approach. Forward Design is a design philosophy that anticipates the changing needs of our customers. By designing and creating a high quality production system that features the right degree of versatility, customers are able to meet the changing demands of these markets head on.

Co-Extrusion Sheet System, Custom Sheet. Down Stream Devices include a High Speed Sheeter and Winder Unit.

Extruder Features

  • Integral die and feed block support features a proprietary thermal expansion and precision alignment design for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Integrally mounted control panels permit trouble free installation and operation
  • Unitized chassis integrates all system components for reliable performance
  • Air or water cooled barrel temperature control available


Convenient lift-off barrel guards offer
tool-less access for easy maintenance

Vented barrel options for degassing of
polymers during extrusion

Auto-Profile-Control (APC) automatic
die lip control, dual-bolt continuous
screen changer, integral operator
die-access platform