uCAMS™ makes servicing cast film and sheet dies efficient and safe!  

Meticulously engineered for cast film and sheet die cleaning, inspection and maintenance by a single technician, uCAMS™ die splitting cart is the foundation of any off-line die maintenance program. Available in three basic configurations for single, double or triple-manifold dies, a unique width adjustment design accommodates a variety of die geometries ranging from 1000 to 2000mm (39-79") widths using adjustable trunnion supports making this one of the most versatile die splitting systems on the market.  

uCAMS™ emphasizes single operator functionality and safety!     

The heavy-duty frame construction on casters offers mobility, safety and accessibility at an ergonomic height that provides the optimal environment for utilization by a single maintenance technician. Once the die is situated onto the cart and the die halves have been separated via jack bolts, the die splitting procedure is accomplished by a single person manipulating a hand-wheel over easy glide bearings. The bearings assure precise traverse and feature a hold-open lock to secure the service position. With minimal effort, a technician can split and rotate the die to the desired position for maintenance or cleaning. For those instituting SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) protocols for LEAN production practices, the onboard tool box further enhances workflow efficiency by having all necessary equipment and tools readily available

Universal System That Accommodates A Variety of Die Widths 

A unique adjustable trunnion support mechanism provides uCAMS™ with versatility necessary to accommodate various die widths eliminating the need for individual and specific-sized die splitting devices. The uCAMS™ Model 2000S accommodates single manifold die widths ranging from 1000 to 2000 mm (39 - 79"). Narrower dies can be supported on the 2000S chassis with the use of extended trunnions or optionally a smaller uCAMS™ model. PTi also offers larger versions depending on the overall die sizes that require servicing. uCAMS™ is built specific to a die manifold configuration and is available in Single(S), Double(D), and Triple(T) manifold support arrangements. Double (D) and Triple (T) manifold variants are scheduled for release sometime in late 2022. 

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Ergonomic grab bars for moving the cart with large casters with wheel locks allow for ease of moving an positioning

Easy glide linear bearings for precise travers with hold-open lock to secure positioning 

Rack and Pinion design, along with a large hand wheel, allows single person die splitting with ease

Cradle design permits safe positioning and smooth rotation of the die bodies

Large onboard toolbox securely stores necessary supplies and tools 

Onboard caddies keep die trunnions organized and readily accessible