G-Series Model GJ421848 five roll stand features individual roll drives, motorized roll gap, patented (US Patent Po. 8,240,180) Height adjusting and mounting frame retraction (US Patent No. 8,021,140) via precise linear bearing. The two roll auxiliary cooling station with 48 diameter rolls also traverses (US Patent No. 7,165,962) for operating and maintenance on frame mounted linear bearings.

Roll Stands - J-Stack

PTi's J-Stack design permits close approach die to nip point arrangement while providing increased roll wrap for extended cooling requirements (up to 25% more wrap). This design is well suited for both low melt strength applications as well as thick sheet requirements due to its unique geometry.


Special die gantry support provides efficient setup and leveling via proprietary turnbuckle support system.

R601220 roll stack with individual roll drives, motorized height and motorized roll gap adjustment.


Water circuits

Water circuits featuring modulation valves optimizes chilled water consumption and targets critical cooling to areas of high heat for superior temperature control and cooling performance

Individual roll drives and motorized roll gap positioning system


Sheet thickness gauge scanner mounts integrally to the conveyor frame