Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence

PTi continues to make major investments in its own organization and particularly the engineering division. People make products and projects successful. PTi is a firm believer in this philosophy. Touting some of the industry's leading engineers, PTi provides systems that feature advanced design innovations and technology developments. This provides customers with an edge over the competition for end product quality and machine versatility.

PTi is an engineering company first and foremost that manufactures high quality machinery. This ultimately provides customers with professional project support and coordination that yields success each and every time for all your project needs, PTi engineering can deliver a system with results that surpass expectations, with on-time deliveries and provide a host of site coordination and installation services as your needs require. 


Extrusion Systems Sizes & Ranges

Bore sizes 1.50 - 12.0" (40 - 305 mm)
Drive power 20 - 1000HP AC (15 - 746 kW)
Vent / Non-vented barrel configurations
Gravity, Ram or Crammer fed options
Grooved or smooth feed liners
Water or air cooled barrel options
L/D Ratios 7:1 - 52:1

Standard Sheet Line Sizes & Ranges

Roll Diameters 12.0 - 48.0" (305 - 1220 mm)
Face-widths 36.0 - 150.0" (915 - 3800 mm)
Direct driven rolls
Roll loads up to 1000 PLI (175 N/mm)
Vertical, J-stack or Horizontal configurations


Engineering Service in Sheet Extrusion

PTi’s engineering services include:


Project Planning, Scheduling and Coordination;

Installation Supervision and Related Support;

Engineering Services, Start-Up Support and Training;

Mechanical, Electrical & Process Diagnostics and Troubleshooting.