Compact G-Series Model H601820 Horizontal Roll Stand features individually driven rolls, swivel pendant controls, operator walk-thru conveyor arrangement, vertical roll stand elevation unit and more! 

Roll Stands - Horizontal 

PTi's Horizontal roll stack designs are ideal for thin gauge double polished sheet production. Particularly these designs are well suited for PP processing. This arrangement is available in a compact or full length configuration depending upon the process requirement. 

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Special die gantry support provides
efficient on-line die splitting cleaning

Special die gantry support design
orients the sheet die in the required
position while providing suitable operator access.



Vertical roll stand elevation unit shown in the lowered position provides a safe and repeatable production tool

Catwalks with safety cages and mats minimizes operator injury during all phases of production


Hydraulically actuated rolls provide high roll load capability as required for double polishing thin gauge materials –particularly PP