G-Series Configurable Roll Stand sheet take off system sheet extrusion system

G-Series® Configurable

G-Series® Configurable Horizontal Model GCH661824 This configurable roll stand, the latest in PTi's G-Series, offers extruders the ability to change downstream configurations for in-line thermoforming and roll stock applications. Standard G-Series features include high-performance modulating water circuits, mechanical roll lockout, and linear bearing system positioning.

G-Series® Configurable Roll Stand

G-Series® Model GCVD601618 Configurable Flexibility, versatility and reduced downtime. Components such as stations for cooling, surface treatment, slitting and gauging can be added easily, without cutting, welding or machining. Downstream operations can be quickly re-ordered. Utilities like electricity, water and compressed air can be easily integrated and repositioned.


G-Series® Configurable Features

  • Permits greater flexibility and significantly reduced downtime for system modifications
  • Employs a unique design concept which enables easy downstream configuration changes for inline thermoforming and roll stock applications
  • Scalable systems that evolve with changing demands
  • Modified process can take just hours with minimal re-engineering and reduced downtime
  • Enables manufacturers to change the order of downstream operations within a system as well as the potential of sharing modules between other compatible G-Series® Configurable systems
  • An integral energy chain allows utilities to be easily repositioned due to the system's configurable elements


Catwalk for ease of operator access

G-Series Configurable Sheet Extrusion System Take Off System

High performance modulating water circuits

G-Series Configurable Sheet Extrusion System Take Off System

Vertical nip height adjustment

G-Series Configurable Sheet Extrusion System Take Off System

Transfer roll coater for top and/or bottom side coating

G-Series Configurable Sheet Extrusion System Take Off System

Rear positioned energy tracks permits open-side access