Water Cooled Extruder, Vertical Sheet System

TRIDENT® Model 7000 (7.0"/175mm) Water Cooled Extruder with 700HP AC Drive TRIDENT® Model 4500 (4.5"/115mm) Water Cooled Extruder with 300HP AC Drive; REVOLUTION® Model V1203636 Vertical Sheet System with vertical roll stand positioning system and full length access catwalks flanking both sides of the conveyor.

Bath Surrounds/Appliance Liners

PTi designs and manufactures a wide range of systems used to produce technical parts including those for bath and appliance applications.These lines can range in size depending upon the application up to 120"(3050mm) in width. Various lamination options are available including primarynip for cosmetic sheet effects and masking stations for protective film application.

PTi process engineer inspects sheet as it is traversing the conveyor system.

Sheet Takeoff system with high flow roll temperature control circuits, Dual Catwalks, Telescoping conveyor and triple positions.

Revolution roll stand, sheet extrusion machinery system

Revolution roll stand with 36" diameter x 120" wide rolls individually driven.






0.110 - 0.325" (2.79 - 8.26 mm) 


100" (2,540 mm) 


5000+ lbs/hr (2285+ kg/hr)



Fully integrated TITAN® Plus Control System

AUTORAMP™ line control and coordination

Pivoting main extruder base for ease of maintenance

Thread-up leader winder

Spare chrome roll temperature control circuit

Vertical roll stand height positioning system

Primary nip and protective masking lamination stations

And more!