Series 40/52 2020


Roll Stand Safety

Safety Starts with Design
Protecting processes, resources, and most importantly, the health and safety of machine operators is the foundation of a successful operating environment.   PTi understands the value of safeguarding a company's valuable assets and sees to it that proper measures are in place by incorporating safety standards into the design of each Roll Stand.

Roll Lock-Out System
The Roll Lock-Out System is PTi's own patented technology (US 9,139,393) used to improve operator safety by preventing sheet rolls from closing during cleaning, maintenance and thread-up activity.   The mechanism utilizes readily accessible pull handles to engage a mechanical lockout along with redundant electrical interlock component.

Operational Benefits of the Roll Lock-Out System:

  • protects operators against serious injury when servicing the chrome rolls during maintenance, cleaning and thread-up activities;
  • features redundant protection via both electrical and mechanical interlocks that prevent chrome rolls from inadvertently closing when in the Lock-Out position;
  • possesses heavy duty engagement for securing the mechanical stops into and out of the Lock-Out position via an industrial pivot latching mechanism;
  • includes Lock-Out Tag-Out safety latch mechanism; and
  • proprietary design prevents mechanical stops from rubbing on chrome roll shaft journals when secured in a normal production position.
Extended Side Nip Guarding
PTi has also designed side protection, referred to as Extended Side Nip Guards, to prevent operators from reaching into roll stands during normal operations. The guards are situated between the operator access-side and the pinch points of the rolls.   The guards discourage operators from reaching into the moving parts of the roll stand while in operation.
Retrofit for Safety
The patented Roll Lock-out System and the Extended Side Nip Guards are value added features that have received strong market response.   Sold as optional features, they can be added to any PTi roll stand or retrofitted to a non-PTi roll stand.
We have a solution for you. 

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