TRIDENT® Model 10000 compounding extruder with 500 HP AC Drive

 Custom Machinery

PTi offers custom machinery building services to specific designs provided by the customer or designs PTi develops to meet a specific request or processing need.  As an example the above image represents a highly customized hot melt pump extrusion system designed specifically to process molten compounded wood flour and plastic blends into decking board for commercial and residential markets.  This system is capable of processing materials in excess of 6000 lbs/hr (2700 kg/hr).

Proprietary grooved barrel
provides improved low shear processing capability for the
wood flour plastic
compounded blend

Special water cooled stuffer
ram prevents material from
sticking to the surface for
optimum performance


Dual vacuum vent pots provide an easy
method of clean out during production runs

Special vacuum chamber provides a
trouble free efficient means of drawing
a process vacuum on the sensitive
materials being processed