Capturing the Most from a Reclaim/Extrusion System

Sustainability achieved through implementation of comprehensive recycling protocols that require equipment process capabilities to reclaim valuable resin streams for extended material lifecycles.


Reprocessing postindustrial (PIR) and post-consumer (PCR) scrap into functional products are essential in accomplishing environmental and fiscal sustainability. 


Pelletizing: Ideal Solution for Reclaim and Reprocessing


While the benefits of pelletizing are wide reaching, such as streamlining material handling, transportation costs, storage requirements, process performance and repeatability, its greatest contribution may be reclaiming plastic waste -- closing the loop in the recycle process.


The most versatile single-screw extruder pelletizing systems are equipped with stuffer rams which feeds low bulk density feedstocks into the extruder. These cost-effective methods are applicable for PP, PS and PE low bulk density feedstocks (fluff, film, fiber, etc.).


Multi-resin Laminates and Versatile Dryerless Extrusion Systems


Converters who process multiple resins including PET, PETG, PLA, PP, PE, and PS benefit from an extrusion system with multi-resin capabilities. PTi's High-Vacuum Twin-Screw Extruder (HVTSE) Dryerless technology provides a robust multi-resin solution that allows virgin or recycled resin, such as PET or PLA to be processed without the need for drying and crystallizing. Additionally, HVTSE allows for reprocessing multi-resin laminates (i.e., PET with non-PET laminates such as PETG, PP, PE, EVOH, etc.), whereas most converters and municipalities treat hygroscopic multi-resin laminates as landfills. This eco-conscious manufacturing solution delivers major energy and cost savings, maximizes resin usage, and significantly reduces the carbon footprint, especially for hygroscopic resin conversion.


Meet Customer Demands and Accelerate ROI with Shorter Lead Times


ROI isn't merely dependent on how quickly you can turn a profit, but how your investments have attributed to satisfying and improving the customer experience and demand. Nothing is more important than a satisfied customer, for happy customers signify brand loyalty and a customer lifetime value that can further attribute to a business' financial growth.

Reliability, quality of product, quick delivery to market, and ability to grow with demands is key to improving the customer experience and ROI. No one understands this better than PTi, for every product engineered and manufactured takes into consideration quality of design, efficiency, safety, and process reliably. Furthermore, PTi established a quick delivery inventory program called GENESIS to assist with processor needs for growth and accelerated production demands.

The GENESIS Program is a comprehensive inventory of stock machines, parts and sub-assemblies that enables expedited deliveries of complete sheet extrusion systems, including conventional, twin screw, and pelletizing systems. The ancillary components represented within the program (including individual extruders, roll stands, die supports, winders and pelletizers) are available for complete line configuration and delivery, often in as little as three months. Systems represent current models and PTi's latest state-of-the art technologies and are strictly meant to better serve sheet producers with expedited deliveries on a variety of standard machinery platforms.