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PTi is Granted U.S. Patent

by Lukasz Jagiello

New Integral Anti-Static Coating Unit for G Series® Roll Stand

Wed, Aug 21st 2013 08:00 am
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 Anti-Static Coating Unit for G Series® Roll Stand

Latest in Series of Patents Offers Integrated Solution That Is More Economical, Space Efficient, and Convenient for Operators

AURORA, Ill., August 19, 2013 - Processing Technologies International (PTi), a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion machinery, has been awarded a U.S. patent for its new integral anti-static coating unit which is incorporated in the frame of the pull roll unit of the G Series® roll stand. The integrated system is more economical, space-efficient, and convenient for operators compared to competitive systems, eliminating the need for a separate anti-static coating unit.

This latest invention is PTi's fifth patent in connection with its innovative G Series® linear bearing mounted roll stand. It is another example of PTi's longstanding dedication to product development and innovation and reinforces PTi's position as an industry leader, according to Dana Hanson, president of PTi.

"This new patent is the culmination of extensive development work and illustrates our commitment to delivering the latest advances and state-of-the-art products to users of sheet extrusion systems," explained Hanson.

The patent for the new integral anti-static coating unit (No. 8,342,118) is the fifth patent that PTi has received for its G Series® linear bearing mounted roll stand. Previously awarded patents include US No. 8,240,180 B2 for a new ratchet-activated height adjustment device, US No. 8,021,140 for the design of the G Series® linear bearing mounted roll stand, and US No. 8,152,509 for the new manual roll gap adjustment device.

Along with the anti-static coating unit, PTi announced a patent-pending for a unique skewing mechanism which effectively compensates for roll deflection during production of thin-gauge sheet.

The integral anti-static coating unit permits anti-static solutions to be applied to packaging grade sheet prior to thermoforming in order to minimize the static charge in the resulting container, cup, or lid. Usually these items are stacked in a nested column which is later fed into an automated filling machine. The packaging items must denest easily to prevent malfunctions in the subsequent feeding or filling mechanism. Static buildup would interfere with the denesting process thereby necessitating the anti-static coating.

The integral coating and pull roll unit offers the option of simply bypassing the coating if anti-static coating is not required. If anti-static coating is required, a positioning idler is moved mechanically so that a spray coating can be applied to either the top or bottom of the sheet as required. In this case, a spray of solution can be applied through sparger tubes located on the top or the bottom of the sheet. If coating on both sides is necessary, the web is simply dipped into the anti-static reservoir. This system provides the capability to coat the top side, the bottom side, or both sides of the sheet per customer specifications.

These anti-static coating units are primarily used on packaging sheet applications for both roll stock production and in-line systems.

The patented G Series® roll stand has cooling rolls that are mounted on a linear motion guide track. Instead of moving the entire frame, only the cooling rolls move when access to the die network is required. Movement on the linear motion guide track is extremely precise and repeatable, ensuring exact tracking and precise sheet alignment.

Initial installation of the G Series® roll stand takes only approximately 16 work hours. Leveling of the frame does not require track installation but instead uses leveling pads which are pinned to the floor. Another inherent advantage of the G Series® design is the utility line for air, water, and electrical connections which are located beneath the frame deck plate. This placement yields unimpeded access to all key components for serviceability and maintenance.

The G Series® roll stand requires less space and fits in tighter confines because the frame does not move when the cooling rolls traverse back and forth. The roll stand is a key feature on PTi's G Series® of sheet extrusion systems and is also sold separately.

About Processing Technologies International LLC (PTi)

Processing Technologies International LLC, based in Aurora, Ill., is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion machinery, serving more than 20 countries. Established in 1988, PTi produces and services single-screw extrusion equipment for many end-use markets including packaging, construction, automotive, lawn and garden, office products, signage and displays, and appliances. PTi's extrusion systems are engineered to exacting standards and offer an exceptional range of design features which result in superior equipment performance. More information is available by calling (630) 585-5800 or visit www.ptiextruders.com.