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PTi Releases New High Speed Extruder - SGHS 3500

by Kathleen Flannery
Thu, Aug 6th 2020 09:00 am

PTi Super Charges Its High Speed Technology with the Development of the New SUPER-G® HighSPEED SGHS3500-36D

Aurora IL, August 5, 2020— Processing Technologies International, LLC (PTi), Aurora, IL is pleased to announce the latest development in high speed extrusion, with the introduction of the SUPER-G®  HighSPEED SGHS3500-36D.  This latest extruder takes system performance to new levels in regards to output and flexibility.    Advancements in technology and design have brought about a multi-resin capable extruder with higher regrind recovery rates, reduced maintenance costs and increased throughput, all with minimal changes to the physical footprint of the original SUPER-G® HighSPEED Extruder.  When it comes to process applications, the new HighSPEED SGHS3500-36D Extruder is the ideal solution for achieving reliable, cost effective, high density manufacturing— yielding high production outputs within a small machinery footprint. 

   "We've had such a grand market reception for our SGHS Model 3000 (75mm) over the past 3 years that we're taking the next steps to expand this offering", says Dana Hanson, President of PTi.  "Its purpose will bridge the gap between higher levels of both output and regrind consumption and according to its namesake, will operate up to 1000 rpm."

    To achieve the goals of bridging the gap, specific design changes were necessary.  A re-engineered and increased screw diameter from 3" to 3.5"(90mm), a L/D of 36:1, a 600 hp motor and a significantly larger feed opening are the featured characteristics of the SGHS3500-36D.   With a 40% increase in area, the unique feed arrangement permits high regrind recovery rates of up to 70+% while still maintaining consistent output levels throughout the production process.    These design changes have proven substantial and are the basis for the SGHS3500-36D's ability to achieve a maximum output capacity of 3600 pph, leading to a 33-38% increase in throughput over PTi's SGHS3000-36D(75mm) extruder.  Increased output numbers can prove further significant to the "bottom line" when you take into account the flexibility for quick changeovers made possible by the SGHS's multi-resin capabilities of processing HIPS, PP, and PET. 


   In addition to the increased throughput levels and processing flexibility of the SGHS3500-36D, advantages are further obtained through its physical design and layout.   For situations where space is limited or at premium, PTi's high speed extruders are the ideal solution to achieving maximum throughput with a minimal footprint.  While the design of the SGHS3500-36D required an additional 18 inches (about 8.5% increase) to the overall length of the extruder, it manages to yield a 20-25% increase in manufacturing footprint efficiency over the current high speed technology.  Even with the new SGHS3500-36D's standard Z configuration length of 19'-1" and its tuck-under motor option length of 14'-2", PTi still retains the smallest footprint in the category of high speed extruders. 

   Significant design features found in the original SGHS3000-36D have been naturally scaled and captured into the SGHS 3500 model.  The robust base and support structure, built primarily for load stabilization and deflection avoidance, continues to give value to the term "heavy duty" precision and long lasting construction.  Supplementing the construction and performance quality, the high speed extruder utilizes PTi's patented M-ATEX Barrel Glide Supports for assistance in managing thermal expansion and the 2-stage SUPER-G® Lobe Screw technology for ensuring exceptional mixing, melt quality and temperature control.  Together, these features play an essential role in maintaining consistent sheet gauge thickness and achieving high clarity for crystalline and semi-crystalline polymers.  

   When it comes to addressing energy efficiency and operator safety concerns, the SUPER-G® series utilizes CoolTOUCH barrel guards to minimize emission of heat on the surface, while the "out-the-back" screw removal makes accessing the screw extremely manageable. 

   A fully operational, production scale SGHS3500-36D extrusion system is available for process trials in PTi's Technology Development Center (TDC).  The extrusion system's downstream configuration incorporates a G-Series® Configurable GCJ661824 roll stand, TRC-66 transfer roll coater, Scantech's newest X-ray gauge scanner, A66100 sheet accumulator and ACW6640/2 winder, as well as PTi's TITAN® Plus Control System for comprehensive data logging, trending and analytics of process run conditions while producing rolled stock.   Companies interested in testing their resin and application processes on the SGHS3500 are encouraged to schedule a trial.