mono and co-extrusion machines

TRIDENT® Model 7000 (7.0"/175mm) Water Cooled Extruders with 700HP AC Drives; Compact Hybrid REVOLUTION® Model V601836 5-Roll Sheet System.

PP Packaging-Cups

PTi is a pioneer in supplying high capacity co-extrusion sheet systems used for inline thermoforming of deep-drawn PP beverage cups. Technology has evolved among thermoformer equipment producers to levels that permit operating machines at higher cycle rates with larger tooling platens, thus requiring higher in-feed rates of extruded sheet. As these trends continue, PTi's engineering driven solutions will provide sheet extrusion systems specifically configured to fulfill these capacity requirements.


Compact Hybrid REVOLUTION® Model V601836 5-Roll Sheet System.


Telescoping roll stand carriage for opening and closing the auxiliary cooling station(PTi Patent No. 7,165,962)




PP, PS and APET 


.040 - .130” (1.00 - 3.300 mm) 


54" (1,370 mm) 


PP: 7000 lbs/hr (3175 kg/hr)
PS: 8000 lbs/hr (3625 kg/hr)
PET: 8500 lbs/hr (3855 kg/hr) 



Fully integrated TITAN® Plus control system

VIDEO GAP™ primary nip point monitoring system

AUTORAMP™ line control and coordination 

Spare chrome roll temperature control circuit 

And more!