Predictive Maintenance

Oil Lube Analysis

 With an oil lube analysis we will provide a Quarterly, biannual or annual sample rate depending on your preference unless wear is indicated we would then monitor more actively and we would recommend a quarterly sample rate: 

  • PTi recommends a bi-annual sample rate for all main extruder gearboxes unless the previous sample indicated wear 
  • With Bi-annual sampling you would receive a discount on the purchase of a new replacement box or the repair of the existing box equal to their expense on the analysis of the gearbox.

Thermal Imaging

  • Thermal Imaging detects problems prior to costly downtime and monitors developing problems with the need for invasive or destructive investigations
  • Maintenance can be scheduled during a downtime or when budget is available


Vibration Testing
Vibration analysis detects unbalance, looseness misalignment and bearing failures
  • Allows user to discover problems prior to costly downtime or monitors developing problems so maintenance can be scheduled during a planned downtime


Smart Barrel
A smart barrel is installed when a new extruder is purchased or when the screw and barrel are being replaced.
  • Monitoring ports are drilled in the barrel at one or more locations where liner wear can be anticipated. Then a plug, specially machined fro material that is similar to that of the barrel, is installed in the hole.
  • After the new plasticating unit is installed on the machine, baseline measurements are taken before production begins. The plugs are removed from the barrel and a digital-indicating fixture is mounted over the hole to measure the distance through the barrel to the flight surface. The all of the plugs are placed in a fixture that takes a reading of their dimensions,
  • Measuring process takes only minutes and measurements can be taken whenever convenient
  • One 3-4 readings have been taken and correlated with machine hours, cycles or volume of material processed, a “rate of wear” can be determined.