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PTi shows off Super G Multi-Nip™ at open house

Super G Multi-Nip™

Processing Technologies International LLC showed off its new roll stand for packaging, a seven-roll system called the Super G Multi-Nip, during a Sept. 18 open house for customers and attendees of the Society of Plastics Engineers Thermoforming Conference.

The line has seven chill rolls and six nip points. The first two nip-points cool the sheet down after it comes out of the extruder, and get the proper crystallinity, and the rest of the nips condition the sheet, said Sushant Jain, senior scientist for application and technology at PTi in Aurora.

"We get the sheet to temperature," Jain said. The nip regions also make sheet that is extremely stress-free with ultra-low orientation, PTi officials said. The roll stand is compact and efficient.

Other features of the Super G. Multi-Nip roll stand include a patented gap positioning system, a patent-pending design that assures roll seating.

Jain said the sheet line on display at PTi can run at an hourly rate of 1,800 pounds of polypropylene, or 2,300 pounds of PET. At the open house, the line was running Clyrell PP from LyondellBasell Industries.

PTi makes the entire line, from the extruder to the winder.

In a short speech kicking off the event, Matthew Banach, PTi's vice president of sales and marketing, said the machinery company has sold lines in more than 20 countries.

Banach said PTi has sold 12 dryerless PET lines in North America, so far.