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Current Aftermarket Parts and Services Promotion!


Current Aftermarket Parts and Services Promotion

Patented Layer-Flipping Technology

Processing Technologies International (PTi), a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion machinery,has announced that it is in the final stages of formalizing a commercial agreement with a leading global tooling manufacturer for the exclusive sourcing of its patented layer-flipping technology. This technology allows processors to quickly change the position of extrudates from two extruders in a coextruded structure without tedious disassembly and costly shutdowns.

PTi designs configurable G-Series® roll stand

G-Series® Configurable

PTi's G-Series, offers extruders the ability to change downstream configurations for in-line thermoforming and roll stock applications.

Super G Multi-Nip™ Sheet Take Off System

Super G Multi-Nip™

PTi can run at an hourly rate of 1,800 pounds of polypropylene, or 2,300 pounds of PET.

G-Series® Five Roll Sheet Take-Off System

Custom G-Series® Downstack Model GVD721218

Custom G-Series® Downstack Model G6618302424 features 18 inch diameter top roll and 30" diameter center and bottom rolls with two 24" diameter auxiliary rolls.

HVTSE® Dryerless - High Vacuum Twin Screw Extrusion

HVTSE® Dryerless

 HVTSE® dryerless PET extrusion system.

TITAN® Plus Control System controls with expanded data logging, voice annunciation

TITAN® control system

Titan Plus Control System features comprehensive data logging historical and real time trending, preventative maintenance scheduling and much more.